FanimeCon 2014, Days 2-4

Here is the second post covering the remaining days of FanimeCon 2014!

Most of Day 2 was spent checking out the Dealers Hall and tagging along with Sojian-senpai as he shot with It’s Itsuka and her friends… twice! Look for those albums coming soon.

I’m not sure if this was a DC vs Capcom group. I thought it was supposed to be Marvel vs Capcom?

So many pretty Ariel arts! ♥

View from the catwalk at The Fairmont. Finally went back to Bijan for the first time since my first photoshoot with Aoi Mizuno and shyot way back in 2011! :O

As expected, there were a crapton of Kill la Kill (キルラキル) cosplayers this con! Here are the Nudist Beach vers. of Inumuta Houka, Jakuzure Nonon, Kiryuuin Satsuki, Gamagouri Ira, and two(?) Mikisugi Aikurous!

Ran into this Ariel at the beginning of Day 3! Day 3 was Black & White Ball, so after spending most of the afternoon with my lovely friend Luna Lovely I had to run all the way back to the DoubleTree to get ready before spending the evening with many nattily dressed otaku.

This steampunk-inspired Sailor Moon group was super awesome!

Twenty years of Fanime!

First Akuma Homura I’ve ever seen and the first Madokami I’ve seen in a while!

The last day is always a short one, but oddly enough I wound up taking the most pictures at con on Day 4! :3a

Having recently finished Kill la Kill, I was happy to actually recognize so many cosplays from this wildly popular show. Was able to snag Matoi Ryuuko as she was running to a photoshoot!

Mankanshoku Mako was taking a break but she was kind enough to let me take a couple of shots. I love Mako Fight Club President ver.’s brass knuckles!

Mikasa Ackerman from Attack on Titan.

Quick peek at the new fixture/sculpture that replaced the pool/fountain.

While FanimeCon fell short for me this year for reasons both related and unrelated to the con itself, I still got to hang out with my friends, meet some new people, and (re)learn some important life lessons. Hopefully the rest of the year’s cons go more smoothly!

See the full album on my Fan Page on Facebook and check out The Vault on Facebook, where I’ve been posting events from 2009! 😀

2014 05 24-05 26 Sat-Mon: FanimeCon 2014, Days 2-4

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FanimeCon 2014, Days 2-4
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