dolldelight/J-Fashion Show 2014

I’m not sure if this is technically a follow-up to last year’s PMX Asian Street Fashion Runway Show at the Monterey Park Cherry Blossom Festival, but I’m glad they held it on Sunday immediately after the Cosplay Runway Show instead of the day before!

As indicated by the title, this show featured both Japanese fashions as well as outfits from dolldelight. The J-fashion portion kicked off with what looked like a very warm outfit. D:

Maybe it’s the crowd I’ve been hanging around with, but this looks almost like normal clothes to me. ^^;

The emcee was dolldelight’s Line Manager Ona, and I was happily surprised to see Tokyo Status‘ Stewardess Nora in the show!

So cute!

It’s my friend Porcelain Rapunzel! Hadn’t seen her in a very long time and was happy to be able to catch up with her a little bit after the show.

Hadn’t seen Luna Lovely since she did a quick scene for Looking for Miku back in November! Too bad this was the only good shot I was able to get. :<

Hadn’t seen Jessie in ages, either; I want to say AX13? :O

It’s my friend, Tokyo Status‘ Stewardess Stephanie!

dolldelight Line Manager Ona models the final outfit in the show.

Here are all the models from the dolldelight portion of the show!

Since the lineup of models usually changes for each show, I was happy to see some familiar faces as well as do a little bit of catching up afterwards with some friends! See the full album on my Fan Page on Facebook and check out The Vault on Facebook, where I’ve been posting events from 2009! 😀

2014 04 27 Sun: dolldelight/J-Fashion Show

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dolldelight/J-Fashion Show 2014

One Response to dolldelight/J-Fashion Show 2014

  1. Denny Sinnoh says:

    Absolutely lovely! Re: “Maybe it’s the crowd I’ve been hanging around with …” statement: I agree I think they should be “normal” clothes : )

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