2013: The Year in Cons

Another recap post since I’ve been busy sweatshopping my film Looking for Miku. ^^;

I somehow managed to get to 11 cons in 2013, despite technically quitting them to focus on my film. xD First up was Anime LA 9, and for the first time I checked out a little bit of all three days. To be honest, I didn’t have the best experience during the convention, but at least I was able to hang out with friends and do a couple of photoshoots!

After that, I spent a day at Anime Conji in San Diego. I really only went since a few other friends were going and I managed to score a free badge, but overall it was a pretty blah event.

The third con of 2013 was Robo Toy Fest × Brick Boutique (May 2013). There’s really not a whole lot that goes on during this con, but you really can’t beat Legos and robots, plus the fact that it’s free in the afternoon and you get to take home whatever you build!

FanimeCon is usually my favorite con of the year, and last year was no exception. However, the bar had been set pretty low up to that point and remained there pretty much all year. Multiple issues, both con-related and not, marred the experience. Thankfully, I was able to meet new friends, enjoy time with old ones, and do things I’d never done before.

Ninja-Con is a new indie anime convention held in Little Tokyo and is run by my former cohort from Tomo Neko, D-boy! While it was only for one day, it was a great event with a wonderful feeling of community to it. Many awesome and creative folks participated in this “hometown” con, and it was good to see many friends I hadn’t seen in a while.

Anime Expo. Well, can’t really say much about this con. It keeps getting bigger every year, but that just means their problems continue to get magnified. It is the definite winner of the Line Con Award for 2013. Not adhering to their own published policies led to fails aplenty; the only consolation I got was that 61,000 people saw my picture of Kazumi Cosplay, lol.

Thanks to my blog, I was able to get a Press Pass to D23 Expo 2013, but aside from getting in the doors for free it didn’t really do much for me. All the exclusives were gone before they even let us Press Pass holders in, and mismanagement (again with lines -_-) led to many disappointments. However, got to see scads of Ariel stuff, Glen Keane receive his Legends Award, and the Sherman/Menken concert that evening, so I can’t really complain!

Not really into K-pop, but my friends at Tune in Tokyo asked me to help out with their cosplay contest at KCON 2013, so I was able to check out this exploding scene. Definitely a new and interesting experience, and the three-hour concert that closed out the evening was pretty awesome! Definitely need to learn more about this phenomenon!

This was the first time I stayed overnight for Pacific Media Expo 2013, but it was really in service of Looking for Miku. Didn’t get to enjoy the con as I was busy shooting all weekend, but running into so many friends who cheered me on helped me through a stressful and chaotic weekend!

Took a breather the following weekend with the Skullgirls Fan Expo, which was run by my friends at Ninja-Con and Tokari Maids. It was nice to decompress with some cool cosplays and awesome music, and got to take a peek behind the curtain at the development of this popular new game!

Finally, closed out 2013 with another visit to Robo Toy Fest × Brick Boutique (Dec 2013). A pleasant and mellow end to a year of cons that was definitely more down than up. Hopefully, 2014’s con experiences will be much better!

Be sure to check out the posts linked above for expanded con coverage from 2013, and see full albums on my Facebook Page! I also just launched my new archive Facebook Page, where I’ll be posting all my photos from when I first started on my grand adventures. Be sure to Like that Page as well! 😀


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