Apocalipstick Live at the Good Hurt [Mar 2014]

My friends from Apocalipstick told me about a free show they were doing and while I don’t generally venture out on Friday nights due to work, their set was late enough that I could actually make it!

Hadn’t hung out with them since our photoshoot back in August and hadn’t caught any of their performances since HEMISPHERE in October, so it was great seeing them again!

The quartet is complete with the addition of Meg Mascara!

Had to blind everyone with flash for this one; sorry!

Many Apocalipstick loots on sale after the performance.

The Good Hurt is a nightclub with a “naughty nurses” theme, but I didn’t see them since it was so dark and they wore black. I did, however, get to see the racist toolbags milling about outside, so there’s that. :p

I can’t believe I’ve never taken any videos of Apocalipstick performing! :O Check both of them out on my YouTube Channel and look for a few more photos in the album on my Facebook Page!

2014 03 21 Fri: Apocalipstick Live at the Good Hurt


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