Hikari Yukata Ver. Photoshoot [Mar 2014]

After the Tokari Maids shot in their yukatas during their photoshoot, Hikari and I had wanted to shoot hers out among the cherry blossoms. Since they weren’t actually in bloom yet, we opted for Little Tokyo instead!

Our first stop was the gardens at the DoubleTree, where we were promptly hassled by security. She took pity on us, though, and gave us five minutes to shoot since Hikari was already dressed. After the guard disappeared, we wound up staying for around 45 minutes. xD

It was super bright and it was unfortunate that this part of the gardens was in direct sunlight.

Hikari’s friend was exploring the gardens and Hikari pulled her over for a couple of shots.

I wanted to try for a more natural pose here.

There are so many neat and pretty areas to the gardens!

Hikari came up with some fun little poses to try!

We were lucky that we got to stay as long as we did since some other friends who came up to the gardens right after us got chased away by security.

This photo makes me miss Hawaii for some reason. :<

We were here for a long while since I kept trying different spots for the flash, and this one without flash wound up being the best one. -_-;

Back to the Japanese Village Plaza. I never knew the Fire Tower had been designed by a Korean!

I didn’t realize that the twinkle lights were only up for the holidays.

Even though security chased us out of some places and hassled us at others, we managed to get some rather lovely shots and I was happy that I got the chance to hang out with Hikari and her friends! As always, more in the album on my Facebook Page!

2014 03 09 Sun: Hikari Yukata Ver. Photoshoot

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