Tune in Tokyo 5th & YSTK Release Party [Feb 2014]

While I’ve gotten to hang out with my friends from Tune in Tokyo elsewhere, I haven’t been able to attend their events since HEMISPHERE back in October.

With their event, Tune in Tokyo Presents 5th Anniversary Art Show & “YSTK” ‘Zine and CD Release Party, on the first of February, they celebrated two milestones! One was their fifth anniversary, so their art show featured works from the past five years of Tune in Tokyo promos.

The art show included some photos from my photoshoot with Apocalipstick! ♥ Agit curator and artist zero actually bought one of my photos — now I’m a real artist! 😀

The other milestone was the release of YSTKzine, a new project from the Ultranimbus artist collective celebrating “the music and image of legendary Japanese artist and producer Yasutaka Nakata (Perfume, Capsule, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, et al)”!

Lots of friends attended, including Lolita Dark‘s and Tokyo StatusRayko!

My friend, actress and model Kari Lane, also attended!

There was live music from Meishi Smile and Virt, as well.

Not only is Paprika Mari a talented performer and musician, she’s also an artist!

There was a J-Pop/K-Pop cosplay contest and my friends from Cosplay Chicas won! 😀

Another shot of Kari and her lovely outfit!

DJ Greg caught me snapping.

So good to see many of my friends that night!

Here are the people who made the event possible! So happy I could be a part of it, and congrats to my friends on reaching this milestone. Here’s to many more years of J-pop and K-pop in Los Angeles!

As always, more in the album on my Facebook Page!

2014 02 01 Sat: Tune in Tokyo 5th & YSTK Release Party


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