Tokari Maids Photoshoot (legit) [Jan 2014]

Getting back into the swing of things since wrapping Looking for Miku, I was invited by my friends the Tokari Maids of Ninja-Con to do a photoshoot at Dystopian Studios!

I’d never shot in a studio before and I learned quite a lot from Maid Nyo’s friend PicturePerfectZoom, who led the day’s activities.

Maid Nyo is also a photographer!

Ninja-Con Founder and CEO Danny Gonzales gets into the action. Hmm, why isn’t Head Maid Chise looking at the camera?

Aylin-chan looks like one of those glamorous 50s actresses!

Nyo-chan, Aylin-chan, Chise-chan, and Hikari-chan all look lovely in their yukatas!

Estela-chan and Yui-chan wait for the school uniform portion of the shoot.

Maid Hikari brought a ton of snacks as props, as well as this cool umbrella!

Nyo-chan looks fetching in her evening gown.

Maid Nyo was trying to catch Maid Yui with the Pokeball! D:

Company move! PPZ had to go so I had to figure out what to do. ^^; I decided to use them as guinea pigs since I’d just gotten remote triggers for an off-camera flash.

It took many, many tries to get usable shots since it was one of my first times using off-camera flash!

Always good to have willing victims — uh, subjects — to try out new techniques! xD

It was quite a day, and I learned a lot about shooting in a studio. As always, more in the album on my Facebook Page!

2014 01 26 Sun: Tokari Maids Photoshoot (legit)


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