Robo Toy Fest × Brick Boutique [Dec 2013]

Double-post weeks continue with a double-con! Always a fun time with friends at Robo Toy Fest and Brick Boutique in Pasadena! This time, in addition to Tsuyoshi Nonaka (mechanical designer of Super Sentai and Power Ranger toys), the voice of TransFormers Prime‘s Shockwave, David Sobolov, was a Guest of Honor. The convention continues to be very kid- and family-friendly, with a great play area featuring plenty of room for coloring and brick-building.

Welcome to Robo Toy Fest! Admission is now $5, but it’s still free after 3:30pm!

Guest of Honor Tsuyoshi Nonaka, mechanical designer of Super Sentai and Power Ranger toys!

The large play area is always popular. Didn’t notice last time that this is actually sponsored by Mega Bloks!

New coloring area!

Hey, I see these guys in the swap meet at PMX!

Saw similar ones going for $40 at Target, but I’m not sure what the difference is.

I used to love collecting movie posters, but they’re so fragile and delicate.

Dat Metroplex (the biggest TransFormer ever made). :O Will they make a Fortress Maximus next??

Evel Fett, wut? I’m not sure very many people would even get the reference to Evel Knievel.

So many Zoids! *_*

What a festive robot! 😀 No idea what series he’s from.

According to one of my friends, this Dragon Dagger is a limited edition item that’s not released yet. Apparently, the people behind Power Morphicon also run RTF so they had this on display.

This two-for-the-price-of-one event happens twice a year, so prepare your wallet for the many tempting toys and collectibles for the young and young-at-heart!

As always, more photos in the album on my Facebook Page!

2013 12 15 Sun: Robo Toy Fest × Brick Boutique

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