Skullgirls Fan Expo [2013]

My friends at Ninja-Con and the Tokari Maids teamed up with the makers of Skullgirls to hold the first Skullgirls Fan Expo in Long Beach!

The Ninjas With Appetite food truck served up nomilicious noms!

Erin Fitzgerald (Parasoul) relaxes before the autograph session.

Mynx Midnight and Midnight Shinigami were the first to perform!

Free cookies courtesy of the Tokari Maids!

Serious game play going on here.

An unexpected surprise — lots of Legos to play with!

Awesome Skullgirls cosplayers!

Autograph session about to start! Facing camera are Laura Post (Valentine) and Sarah Williams (Peacock). Other voice actors who were present included Rich Brown (Big Band), Lauren Landa (Squigly), Kimlinh Tran (Ms. Fortune), and Danielle McRae (Painwheel).

Rich Brown (Big Band) with the winner of the cosplay contest!

On Being Human’s music is rock but has very heavy geek influences!

Drummer Andy and bassist Alvin of Midnight Shinigami have some fun with the Tokari Maids!

My friends from Midnight Shinigami!

The Tokari Maids sign-in guest sheet is complete!

Several new characters were unveiled during the final rounds of the tournament. They were so new that they were basically rough pencil sketches!

Yes, the event was definitely for the fans, with exclusive t-shirts, a cosplay contest, a sneak peek at new playable characters, and an autograph session featuring the voice cast of the game. What a great sense of community as attendees donated as much or as little as they wanted in order to attend and support the makers of the game! See more from the first ever Skullgirls Fan Expo in the album on my Facebook Page!

2013 11 16 Sat: Skullgirls Fan Expo


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