Tune in Tokyo presents HEMISPHERE [Oct 2013]

Double-timing it this week so I can catch up a bit! Should be okay, since I don’t have all that many to catch up on. ^^

Besides the Tokari Meet and Greet/Cosplay Gathering the previous week, I hadn’t been to a public event since August! Was good to take a break from Looking for Miku and catch up with some old friends in — where else? — Little Tokyo.

Not counting helping out with their cosplay contest at KCON, it’s hard to believe it’s been over a year since I was last able to attend a Tune in Tokyo event! :O

After 2nd Street Jazz closed at the beginning of 2013, Tune in Tokyo found a new home at Nirvana Bar & Grill (also the current hub for Tokyo Status). HEMISPHERE, an all-new Japanese and Korean pop dance club experience, marks their big return to Little Tokyo. Many friends, including the girls of Chocolate Covered Cosplay, came out to rock out!

Was awesome seeing my friends in Apocalipstick perform again!

I shot that! :O ♥

No flash or tripod, so had to shoot wide open. That meant lots of moving around trying to get decently framed shots!

Jeannette is hard at work!

Abby and Jenna serenading each other. xD I really like this one a lot!

Headbanging Jenna!

It’s always a challenge getting shots of Jeannette since she’s way in the back, sitting in the dark and blocked by her drums. ^^;

I always love the shots where Jenna’s hair is flying; it adds so much movement! xD

Apocalipstick’s Abby and Jenna with their fan Alvin, the bassist from Midnight Shinigami! Other friends/fans were there too; check out the full album linked below.

Managed to catch up with my friend Kari after the event! Here she is showing off her Apocalipstick shirt!

Great music and great times certainly get the creative juices flowing. So blessed to be surrounded and inspired by so many talented people! More photos in the album on my Facebook Page!

2013 10 12 Sat: Tune in Tokyo presents HEMISPHERE


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