Tokari Meet and Greet/Cosplay Gathering [Oct 2013]

Had been busy filmmaking sweatshopping so didn’t go to events in September, but I did manage to hang out with Ninja-Con‘s Tokari Maids in Little Tokyo during their Meet and Greet in early October!

The Tokari Maids were accepting applications for new maids and butlers, and afterwards we hung out, took some pictures, and grabbed some noms.

… and many hearts were broken that day. :O


Tokari Head Maid Chise and Maids Estela, Hikari, and Aylin with Ninja-Con’s founder and CEO D-Boy!

Tokari Maids! ♥

Rapidly lost daylight, but this came out pretty neat!

Tried a few more shots, but it really was too dark by this point. :<

LA doesn’t have the prettiest skyline, but it’s still kind of nice.

Heading back through Weller Court, we tried a few shots on the stairs.

Back at the Little Tokyo Galleria, waiting for a table at dinner.

Maid Yui always has her trusty Giita.

So great to hang out with everyone again! See more pictures on my Facebook Page, linked below!

2013 10 06 Sun: Tokari Meet and Greet/Cosplay Gathering

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