73rd Annual Nisei Week Japanese Festival, Day 2 [2013]

Here is the penultimate post of The Twelve Posts of Christmas!

Due to D23 Expo on Saturday, I missed PMX’s traditional Nisei Week cosplay contest. On Sunday, the day of the Grand Parade, I got over to Little Tokyo pretty late so parking took forever to find and then I had to run over to meet up with some friends.

The organizers streamlined the parade A LOT as well; last year it ran over 4 hours and this year it was apparently done by 5:30pm, 90 minutes after the scheduled start time! :O So while I did enjoy being over there, I unfortunately wound up missing almost all of the festival.

My friend said that the Sailor Moon kazari was indicative of her life with cosplay wigs, lol.

Was too lazy to get up to take photos, but we were looking for noms so I took one on the way to the food stalls!


Ran into my friends SK Cosplay and Kazumi Cosplay while they were in the middle of a shoot. I love this picture so much that I even went to the trouble of editing out the lights behind Kazumi’s head, lol.

We found a volume of Brothers Conflict that had the character that my friend, Tomo Neko‘s Maid Reina, was cosplaying! Her version is a casual version.

Special bonus video clip on my YouTube Channel from Day 8 of the Festival, when I popped by Little Tokyo to visit my friends at Tokyo Status‘ Inaugural Little Tokyo Flight!

More photos on my Facebook Page!

2013 08 11 Sun: 73rd Annual Nisei Week Japanese Festival, Day 2


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