Apocalipstick Photoshoot [Aug 2013]

The ninth of the The Twelve Posts of Christmas is my photoshoot with the awesome girls of Apocalipstick!

I met Apocalipstick’s Abby and Jenna at the first Tokyo Status event, and was thrilled and honored when Abby asked me to do a photoshoot with the band in early August! I was also a bit nervous about whether I’d be able to deliver anything usable, so I enlisted the aid of my two senpai, Sojian and SNTP, to run things.

Across from Art Share L.A. (which is right by Little Tokyo) was this awesome parking lot with crazy graffiti all over the walls. So many gorgeous colors!

I love this shot, especially the sense of movement from guitarist Jenna!

They were walking back from further down the block and I thought this would make a nice shot.

Good night, L.A.!

Noms are an important part of any photoshoot, so we finished off the day at The Pie Hole! It was so good it almost made me not sad after reminding me of Pushing Daisies.

Great fun learning from my senpaitachi and shooting my talented musician friends! Check out my Facebook Page for more from the shoot!

2013 08 04 Sun: Apocalipstick Photoshoot

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