Anime Explode!! (Let’s fighting art!) [Jul 2013]

Post Seven of The Twelve Posts of Christmas! Less than a week after Tokyo Status‘ final event in Long Beach, many of the same friends re-congregated in Koreatown’s Agit Gallery for my friend zero’s art show, which featured awesome works of anime-inspired art from pencilers, painters, photographers (including yours truly xD ), cosplayers, musicians, and more!

The man of the hour, event organizer and artist zero!

My friend Paprika Mari and Tokari Maid‘s Kiki perform Hatsune Miku‘s “Clover Club”. See the performance on my YouTube Channel!

Mari did the art and fired these mugs herself, then handed them out! :O

There was also a cosplay contest! The emcee was none other than Ninja-Con founder and CEO D-boy, and one of the judges was Midnight Shinigami‘s Mynx Midnight.

The first contestant was my friend bunnycharms!

Haha, an inventive take on a Hadouken!

Not sure if he was cosplaying Eren; there are so many characters in Attack on Titan! You can see this guy rock out during Midnight Shinigami’s performance of Attack on Titan‘s OP “Guren no Yumiya” in the video on my YouTube Channel!

Midnight Shinigami does a sound check before their performance. Link to their entire 50-minute set on my YouTube Channel!

Special guest Rayko of Lolita Dark joined in on Midnight Shinigami’s rendition of “HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD and Gone”!

Any of these look familiar? xD; You’ll need to check out the Facebook album to see my third piece in the show!

I… hope that’s not a Battle of the Planets spoiler?

Event organizer zero with the purchaser (left) of his Evangelion painting (on wall directly behind) and Agit Gallery’s owner, Harry (sitting)!

So awesome to be immersed in such talent and so humbled to be invited to participate. Remember to check out the videos on my YouTube Channel and see many more photos on my Facebook Page!

2013 07 26 Fri: Anime Explode!! (Let’s fighting art!)

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