Tokyo Status Farewell to Long Beach Ver. [Jul 2013]

With this sixth post, The Twelve Posts of Christmas is already half over!

It didn’t seem that long ago that Tokyo Status first launched, and already it’s making the leap to Little Tokyo!

Despite waiting until the last minute to take care of some writing and art show (album here!) stuffs, was able to make it down for the last hour of Tokyo Status’ final Long Beach-based event, which happened to feature a performance by Midnight Shinigami and a celebration for Stewardess Stephanie’s birthday!

I only got to catch a couple of songs since I arrived so late, but I still got my own personal serenade from Mynx Midnight! 😉

It's the birthday girl! ♥

Cuties! It’s Head Stewardess Erika and Stewardess Nora!

Two of my favorite talented ladies! I don't know how I got this shot, especially since my camera was having such a difficult time focusing and the colored lighting was throwing everything off, but definitely my favorite of the evening!

Quick little photoshoot with my friends from Midnight Shinigami!

Event organizer Rayko of Lolita Dark and Head Stewardess Erika join Stewardess Stephanie for a round of karaoke!

Everyone jumps on stage to close out the night with some Guns N’ Roses! Go watch the video of this final group performance on my YouTube Channel!

Great fun to see and catch up with so many friends! As always, visit my Facebook Page for more photos!

2013 07 20 Sat: Tokyo Status Farewell to Long Beach Ver.

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