Suzumiya Haruhi no DIJON Reesu Kuiin Photoshoot [2013]

Post Four of The Twelve Posts of Christmas is the first photoshoot from AX13!

Saw Kei‘s unfamiliar yet amazing Yuki Nagato cosplay at the Noizi Ito panel on Day 2 of AX 2013 and I knew I needed to get a picture! It wasn’t until I asked that I realized she was with my friend Itsuka! They were heading off to meet up with their friend Mouse for a photoshoot of their DIJON Race Queen cosplays, and they graciously invited me along.

We ran into SK Cosplay on the way over to the photoshoot location and he wanted a few shots, so I took the opportunity to borrow this one!

Everyone finally met up, only to split off again, and I was happy to do a quick shoot of Mouse’s Mikuru cosplay with my senpai Sojian before rejoining the group. I never was much of a Mikuru fan, but Mouse makes me want to change my mind! 😀

Everyone got back together for some group shots! The other photogs were changing setups so I was able to get close enough for this shot (they were using some long lenses so I had to hang back).

When I first started going to cons, I went to lots of cosplay gatherings, which were always chaos. After getting many shots of cosplayers looking all over the place at all of the other photogs gathered around, I developed the need to always have my subjects look directly at me. Trying to break old habits is hard!

Haruhi being Haruhi. ^^; With all the light coming in through the windows off to the right, the girls came in a bit dark, so I had to brighten them up. In doing so, however, it would also blow out the background. Good if I wanted to replace the background, bad since I didn’t. I grew to love and hate the Brush tool. :p

Finally, a decently-sized shot of Kei in her Yuki cosplay! xD Kei doesn’t have a fanpage, but be sure to check out her dA!

We were moving outside and I managed to catch Itsuka by herself, fufufu.

Good thing I always have my trusty The Little Mermaid notepad, since I just had to get a shot of my waifu Yuki reading from a “book” featuring my waifu Ariel! ♥

I don’t think I’ve ever spent so much time editing photos as I did with this shoot! Definitely still have lots to learn about “getting it right in-camera”. ^^; At any rate, it was great fun shooting with these lovely and talented cosplayers; hopefully we’ll get to hang out again soon!

As usual, more photos on my Facebook Page!

2013 07 05 Fri: Suzumiya Haruhi no DIJON Reesu Kuiin Photoshoot

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Suzumiya Haruhi no DIJON Reesu Kuiin Photoshoot
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