Anime Expo 2013, Day 4

The Twelve Posts of Christmas continues with Post Three, a look back at the final day of AX13! Day 4 at AX is usually the least eventful day of con, and it was nice to enjoy the day at a more leisurely pace.

After we checked out of our hotel room, we made our way to con where I poked around the Exhibit Hall for a little bit and picked up a couple of Nendos from the GSC booth before heading over to the Charity Auction.

The items up for grabs were extremely underwhelming and I was rather disappointed that Noizi Ito didn’t do any sketches like she did for Sakura-Con a few years back. MAJOR FAIL #I DON’T EVEN KNOW ANY MORE. In retrospect, should’ve bid on this one but I was hoping that something better would come along. This poster wasn’t that big, but I like the art on it better than the art on the banner that eventually went up. It went for $90, I believe.

Original sketches from GOH Cosplayer Alodia. Seriously, Alodia gave up some original art. Come on, AX. Sakura-Con got Noizi Ito to do FOUR original sketches. -_-;

Posters signed by all GOHs plus Porno Graffitti guitar pick attached to one and Porno Graffitti bass pick attached to the other. I missed the bidding on the first, which went for $750; the second went for around the same (maybe $775), I can’t remember.

Ducked out of the auction and saw some friends at the Danny Choo booth.

Jessie‘s Retrograde Mirai was awesome!

Peeked in on some friends of friends cosplaying from Macross Frontier.

My friends, Tomo Neko‘s Maids Reina and Kitty, were cosplaying from K Project.

Still need to watch Full Metal Alchemist / Brotherhood. xD;

Whoa, Leeron from Gurren Lagann! Never saw one before; nice!

Already almost at my friend’s car before I realized I hadn’t gotten my obligatory con banner shot — especially since they finally got a new one for this year! D:


Step 1: Haruhi artbook was deeply discounted, and at $7.50, it was a steal! Think it was from Kinokuniya. HanaIro box sets signed by Nobuhiro Kikuchi from Charity Auction. I can’t believe that AX only got Nobuhiro Kikuchi to sign the set and not Mari Okada as well. THEY WERE SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER THE ENTIRE WEEKEND. Seriously, AX, WTF. Noizi Ito signed my KA-E-N artbook! It’s personalized, but I shooped out my name. :p Artbooks from AnoHana and Toradora LE Box Sets signed by Mari Okada.

Step 2: AX “con exclusive” Nendos from GSC for me and my Bad Influence Cousin — Maiko Madoka and Yukata Miku. Free Prinny beach ball, Madoka flyer, GSC bag, AX badge signed by Nobuhiro Kikuchi, AX Program Guide.

Steps 3 & 4: Free door hangers from Sentai Filmworks promoting various series and my photo from Art Show!

All-in-all, a con filled with ups and downs. Hoping next year will be better! More photos on my Facebook Page!

2013 07 07 Sun: Anime Expo, Day 4

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