Anime Expo 2013, Day 3

The second of this year’s The Twelve Posts of Christmas covers Day 3 of Anime Expo! This was the day that I was (barely) able to finally get my autograph from my favorite Japanese artist, Noizi Ito (いとう のいぢ)! @_@

While I missed out on a bunch of things, I did get to see some friends I hadn’t seen in a while, take in a panel with A-1 Pictures President Masuo Ueda, hit Artists Alley, and explore (and shoot in) the cosplay photo area with my friend Reina (photoshoot here)! Finally capped the night off at a good friend’s birthday room party. Busy day!

The camera’s ISO was still (unbeknownst to me) stuck at 12800, but I think it kind of adds to the photo of this cosplay of Squigly from Skullgirls!

Hey, I saw this Yoko (Gurren Lagann) last year!

Sneaky ninja shot of Noizi Ito since she wasn’t allowing photos. ^^; Realized as Closing Ceremonies was letting out on Day 4 that I should’ve gone there and gotten some shots since I’m pretty sure they allow photos then. Ah, well.

The autograph department ignored their own rules and allowed late-coming raffle winners to cut in front of the line through the entire signing! >< MAJOR FAIL #2! So even though I’d attended her panel, gotten a “Priority” ticket, and was there early like I was supposed to be, they still cut off the session RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! If the girl behind me hadn’t been on the verge of tears and the line wrangler hadn’t felt pity for her, I wouldn’t have been able to get my autograph. Why make an autograph policy if you’re not going to follow it? XP

… especially since I know a few of my friends were able to get two autographs from her during the first day’s session, when they cut the line off two rows in front of me. DX Hard to believe that the Autographs Department was even more poorly run in years past!

Hey, it’s my friend Artemis as Haruhi Suzumiya! Haven’t seen her since the Vocaloid Party!

A-1 Pictures: Just Do It! panel with President Masuo Ueda (植田 益朗). They showed clips from the AnoHana movie and other things that I must watch! Ueda-san cosplayed as Kazuto Kirigaya (Kirito) from Sword Art Online and raffled off some original sketches at the end of the panel! :O

Jet Spectacular and friend rocking the Macross cosplays! There were a couple of Macross gatherings this day and I missed all of them. DX

Such a lovely Ariel! ♥

I’ve seen many Taigas from Toradora!, but never a Ryuuji. Awesome!

Whoa, never saw a Top o Nerae 2! Diebuster (Gunbuster 2) group before, either! :O

Over in the cosplay photo area, this Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) group came into the classroom set and started goofing around. It was a sight to see!

Haha, this Freddy Krueger cosplayer was a perfect fit for the bedroom set!

Noda from Angel Beats! Didn’t see very many Angel Beats! cosplayers, unfortunately.

Keep an eye out for the day’s photoshoot (here) and see more pictures on my Facebook Page!

2013 07 06 Sat: Anime Expo 2013, Day 3

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