Anime Expo 2013, Days 0 and 1

Anime Expo broke attendance records this year, and it showed in the lines lines lines. Spent most of the con waiting — for badge, for autographs, for panels, for vendor booths, for other people… oftentimes with nothing to show for it at the end (this in particular for autographs). I’m comforted by the fact that all those people (61,000 according to AX) got to see my photo from the Cosplay Photography Contest in the Art Show! ^_^

After picking up our badges on Day 0, my friends and I went out to grab some noms, then we hit the dance!

Day 1 was the official start of Line Con. Managed to snap this Nia Teppelin from Gurren Lagann cosplayer on the way to the Autograph Area of the Exhibit Hall. Haven't seen this version cosplayed before; she did a great job on her outfit!

Hanasaku Iroha ~ Blossoms for Tomorrow ~ producer Kikuchi Nobuhiro (菊池 宣広) and writer Okada Mari (岡田 麿里) signed autographs together (although for some reason AX didn’t get them both to sign the DVD set they put up for auction on Day 4 — MAJOR FAIL #1). Here, Okada-sama signs my book from the AnoHana DVD/BRD Set! ♥ I actually cosplayed Jintan for this moment. ^^; Sorry for the graininess; for some reason my settings were messed up. :p

Hey, it's Stewardess Nora from Tokyo Status as One Piece's Boa Hancock!

Harley Quinn has a Good Smile, indeed. 😉

The Japanese limited edition Bluray box set of Gurren Lagann. Aniplex of America will sell it to you for 700 bucks. ;_;

Didn't actually get to spend too much time in the exhibit hall, but managed to swing by the Bluefin booth with all their Gundams on display!

Power Girl is one of my favorite DC heroines!

Was invited to R1S4's Magi gathering, but got there just as they were finishing up. ;_;

It's Doki Doki Maid Cafe's Head Maid Lydia as Danny Choo's Mirai Suenaga, posing by a mini itasha! There weren't any full-sized ones at-con this year.

Hey, a picture of my picture! Thanks for helping us make it to Art Show! ♥

Walking by the Staples Center on the way back to the hotel; guess they were playing that night since the next night it wasn't up anymore.

While I didn’t get to take as many pictures as usual during con, I did manage to spend some time with friends, met some of my very favorite creatives, and even cosplayed for the first time! As always, see more on my Facebook Page!

2013 07 03-07 04 Wed-Thu: Anime Expo 2013, Days 0-1

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