Tsukuyo and Sakata Gintoki Photoshoot [2013]

New con Ninja-Con was a chance to revisit old friends — photoshoot-style! xD

My first ever photoshoot was way back in 2011 at Fanime with Aoi Mizuno and shyot, and I always treasure the time I get to spend with them. I haven’t had a chance to see them much lately, so I was happy that I ran into them and Sai Rei at Anime Jungle, and we wound up doing a quick shoot of their Gintama cosplays after I shot with Sai Rei!

I still haven’t seen Gintama but apparently Tsukuyo and Gintoki have a hot-and-cold kind of relationship.

Sojian also wound up joining in when we moved out to the plaza area, and of course I stole some of his shots. 😉

At Sojian’s suggestion, Sai Rei made a cameo appearance! xD As always, Aoi and shyot were great fun to shoot and just derp around with. So happy to be able to hang out and catch up!

See more photos of them on my Facebook Page!

2013 06 08 Sat: Tsukuyo and Sakata Gintoki Photoshoot

Full Coverage of Ninja-Con 2013:

Ninja-Con 2013
Lolita Southern Charm Ver. Photoshoot
Eruka Frog Photoshoot
Tsukuyo and Sakata Gintoki Photoshoot

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