Eruka Frog Photoshoot [2013]

It’d been a very long time since I’d seen Sai Rei — very briefly at Swap Meet during Fanime 2012, I think? — and even longer since we’d shot together — PMX 2011! :O

Was super happy to run into her while she was still wearing her Eruka Frog cosplay from Soul Eater! She was with Aoi Mizuno and shyot (their photoshoot soon) at Anime Jungle during Ninja-Con and they were about to change out of their cosplays, but I’m mean so I made them take pictures with me in some back alley before they did so, muahahaha.

Had never shot in this area before, and it was an interesting change of pace from the gardens and parks I’d been shooting at recently!

The grungy background was really cool, but we tried not to touch it too much. ^^;

Catching up, hanging out, and taking pictures with some great old friends during Ninja-Con made the con extra special!

As usual, more on my Facebook Page!

2013 06 08 Sat: Eruka Frog Photoshoot

Full Coverage of Ninja-Con 2013:

Ninja-Con 2013
Lolita Southern Charm Ver. Photoshoot
Eruka Frog Photoshoot
Tsukuyo and Sakata Gintoki Photoshoot


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