Lolita Southern Charm Ver. Photoshoot [2013]

I’ve known Shaquille for a while, but never got a chance to do a shoot with her until Ninja-Con!

Had to rotate this a bit which resulted in losing part of the image, so I had to use a bit of Photoshop magic to fix it. Need to pay more attention to how I hold my camera. ^^;

I love all her little hair ornaments! I’d just finished covering two of the live performances and was running off to the Miyako for a panel when I ran into her wearing what she calls “Classic Lolita with a Touch of Southern Charm”.

The sun was already pretty harsh when we started shooting so even though we sought the shade of the tree nearby, we still had to contend with hotspots.

It was a super quick shoot that lasted less than five minutes, but I think we managed to get some great shots. Hopefully we can do a longer shoot next time!

Be sure to follow Shaquille’s tumblr, “Am I Awesome Yet?”, and find more photos of her on my Facebook Page!

2013 06 08 Sat: Lolita Southern Charm Ver. Photoshoot

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Lolita Southern Charm Ver. Photoshoot
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