Ninja-Con 2013

Ninja-Con is a new indie anime convention held in Little Tokyo! This was the first year it was held, and while it was only for one day, it was a great event with a wonderful feeling of community to it. Many awesome and creative folks participated in this “hometown” con!

This is actually the first con that I’ve ever staffed! Since the founder is D-Boy, who is a great friend of mine and was a fellow board member of Tomo Neko Productions with me, I was super-excited to help out!

My friend XIO was a Guest of Honor and she was part of the Opening Ceremonies. We did a quick photoshoot in the beautiful James Irvine Japanese Garden at the Japanese American Cultural & Community Center before she had to perform!

Here, XIO practices with the Tokari Maids before their performance.

After XIO performed, two more of my friends — Ninja-Con Guest of Honor Machii Valentine as well as Geoff Bisente/ The Death Metal Ninja — also performed!

Afterwards, managed to chat with voice actor Lauren Landa (BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger) and Machii Valentine.

Did a quick photoshoot with a friend (linked below) before running over to the Miyako Hotel to find the always lovely Guest of Honor Cristina Vee (Puella Magi Madoka Magica) entertaining the audience before the voice actors panel. ^^;

So many celebs! Ninja-Con Guests of Honor Danielle McRae (Skullgirls, Chocolate Covered Cosplay), Kaiji Tang (Blazblue), Lucien Dodge (Tiger & Bunny), Bobby Thong (Sword Art Online), Cristina Vee, and Jon Allen (Dragonball Z) with Geoff Bisente/ The Death Metal Ninja! :O

There were even celebs in the audience — voice actors Sarah Williams (Accel World) and Kyle Hebert (Wreck-It Ralph)!

After all that excitement, I got to spend some time with friends I hadn’t seen in a long time (photoshoots linked below) before checking out my friend Ashi-chan‘s one-woman performance of I Wish My Life Was an RPG. Then, it was time for the dance competition back at the JACCC!

It was a great event and loads of fun. Planning is already underway for next year; hope this event continues to grow and succeed!

Many, many more photos on my Facebook Page!

2013 06 08 Sat: Ninja-Con 2013

Full Coverage of Ninja-Con 2013:

Ninja-Con 2013
Lolita Southern Charm Ver. Photoshoot
Eruka Frog Photoshoot
Tsukuyo and Sakata Gintoki Photoshoot

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