An Academy Salute to Jackie Chan [Jun 2013]

Found out about this event last minute from my friend zero, and while I generally don’t do things during the week due to work, I made an exception because JACKIE FCKING CHAN, that’s why.

Jackie is one of my life-long heroes, and from watching all the junkets he’s done on various talk shows through the years, I knew that the “onstage conversation” that the evening’s host, Entertainment Weekly’s Geoff Boucher, was going to have with him would be special.

I was not disappointed! For nearly 45 minutes, an animated Jackie entertained the packed theater with tales of derring-do, filmmaking frustrations, and encounters with his own movie heroes. Hard to believe he’s 59 years old now!

The conversation was followed by a screening of the Hong Kong cut of Police Story III: Supercop and concluded with special extended viewing hours in the Academy Grand Lobby Gallery for its showing of KICK ASS!: Kung Fu Posters from the Stephen Chin Collection.

Luchadores! 😀 They actually didn’t allow photos anywhere in the building, so I had to sneak all of these photos. ^^;

After a Chantastic (fufufu) evening, finally got to peek in the McLaren Beverly Hills dealership, which I’ve driven by numerous times but never actually stopped at (b/c they would never allow someone as poor as me in there ;_; ). I think this is a McLaren 12C Spider?

Peeking into the lives of rich people. The scary thing is the sign on the dash of this Lamborghini says “AS IS NO WARRANTY”. D: But I guess rich people like to gamble!

The colors on this car are pretty awesome, actually. For now, guess I’ll have to settle for Hot Wheels cars whenever I want to drive one of these and DVDs whenever I want to hang out with Jackie!

As always, more photos on my Facebook Page!

2013 06 03 Mon: An Academy Salute to Jackie Chan


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