Nightwing and Black Bat Photoshoot [2013]

Third shoot of Day 2 at Fanime!

After shooting with Sylpharios in her hotel room, Sojian and I ran into SK Cosplay, who invited us along to his joint shoot with When Was This Taken?’s Boon. We met up with cosplayers Danny (Nightwing) and Vivi (Black Bat) for a fun outdoors night shoot!

While I had a hard time getting very many good shots, it was great learning from three awesome photographers and meeting two incredible cosplayers. Always fun to hang out and take pictures!

Sojian suggested using a wide-angle lens for this shot of Nightwing and Black Bat ready to stop crime, and who am I to argue?

The lights totally messed with my camera’s metering. OTL

I like this shot a lot, even though it’s blown out a bit and there’s some shake to it. Didn’t have a tripod, so just had to hold it steady against the ground. xD;

Always prepared, Sojian uses a flashlight to achieve focus in dark conditions, and I happily stole this shot while he was using it!

In my head, Sojian’s flashlight doubles as a helicopter spotlight! xD

Was really happy to be able to kind of save this one from all the terrible yellow lighting up there!

More caped crusading on my Facebook Page!

2013 05 25 Sat: Nightwing and Black Bat Photoshoot

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