Ahri Outdoors Photoshoot [2013]

My second shoot of this year’s Fanime was the first of Day 1 and the first of three(!) that I had the honor of doing with Sylpharios!

After we’d gotten our badges, we planned to meet up later in the day for a shoot of Sylpharios’ Ahri, the Nine-Tailed Fox, from League of Legends. The sun was well-behaved and Sylpharios was gorgeous as always, so the hardest part was getting her in focus (and if you’ve been following my work, you know that’s easier said than done)!

I don’t play League of Legends, so I didn’t know the character at all. Good thing Sylpharios only cosplays characters she’s played!

Her contacts were amazing and I’m really happy they showed up so well!

As revealed during our last shoot (which was of Zatanna), Sylpharios is rather tall! She had to kneel down and I got up on a bench to get this shot!

Sylpharios had a bag of these balloons and kept giving them away to strangers; many a day was brightened! 🙂

Bawwww, so forlorn. :< I really like the way the wind is blowing her hair a little bit.

So lovely!

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2013 05 24 Fri: Ahri Outdoors Photoshoot

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2 Responses to Ahri Outdoors Photoshoot [2013]

  1. Mariana Esteves says:

    Can you tell me where did she got those lenses please?

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