Sasha Braus Photoshoot [2013]

First of six(!) photo sessions at FanimeCon with my friends (seven if you count Asuka at the EVA cockpit).

Ran into a bunch of my friends, including Kazumi Cosplay, at Swap Meet on Day 0 and tagged along for fun-times derping. Thanks to my friends SK Cosplay and Dphotog for letting me join in on their extended shoot of Kazumi’s cosplay of Sasha Braus, the potato-loving gourmand from Attack on Titan!

Dphotog had SK Cosplay pose as a Titan who was stealing Sasha’s potato!

I love her expression here. Cenantibus interruptus!

“My potato is mine!”

“Are you seriously challenging my Drunken Potato Style?!”


Stupid, lucky potato!

See all of the shots fit for public consumption (get it?? ;D ) on my new Facebook Page (and feel free to give it a Like while you’re at it)!

2013 05 23 Thu: Sasha Braus Photoshoot

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Sasha Braus Photoshoot
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