Goodbye SocialCos, Hello Facebook Page! [Sep 2013]

Sorry for the unscheduled update, but just wanted to let you know about the links to my full photo albums that you usually see at the bottom of all my posts.

Long-time readers might remember that I used to keep the full albums for my adventures on my Facebook account. When I needed to take a break from social media last year, I switched to SocialCos for my photo-hosting since my Facebook albums were no longer accessible.

Well, SocialCos has been down for a week and a half now, so I guess that’s that with that. >_< Spent a little bit of time these last few days whipping up a Facebook Page and re-uploading some of the more recent albums to it. While I was at it, I updated all the links in my posts on here as well. Except for a few random mentions, SocialCos has pretty much been scrubbed from my blog and all the outgoing links to my full albums should be working again!

Feel free to Like my new Facebook Page for sneak peeks and other news, and see you back here on Tuesdays for my regular updates! 😀

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