FanimeCon 2013, Days 3-4

Days 3 and 4 of FanimeCon 2013 were light days, since Day 3 was the day of the Black & White Ball and Day 4 is traditionally short anyway!

Awesome couples cosplay! Though I’m not sure if they would’ve been allowed into the Black & White Ball with these outfits; the Ball has a pretty strict dress code. Most of the day was devoted to activities related to the Ball since I’d been interested in attending it for a while. Of course, this meant that I also had to learn how to dance, since I have two left feet. ^^;

Saw another awesome couples cosplay 😉 after lunch before I headed over to learn whatever dance they were teaching, which happened to be the waltz. Ran into my friend Sylpharios, who was wearing her Nadie cosplay, and we decided to do a shoot before we changed up for the dance (photos coming soon!).

Rogue and Psylocke! I loved the Jim Lee era of The X-Men.

After the shoot with Sylpharios, I popped into the Dealers Hall for a sec. So many Kiki cosplayers this year! I guess everyone heard about the live-action version that’s being made? Soon, it was time for the Ball, but I didn’t want to lug around my camera, so I didn’t get any photos there. Maybe next time!

The last day of con is always a crapshoot as folks are leaving and everything closes early. My last lunch at Hoagie Steak Out was my usual Rocky Philly but my friend had the Pepperini.

I managed to get a few photos after seeing some friends off — including some shots of this really sweet Nia cosplayer! Messenger Nia didn’t really do a whole lot in the show, so we tried the typical Gurren Lagann pose!

Sailor Moon, but I’m not sure who the other character is.

Such a cute Miku!

Ran into peppymiint cosplay again!

I love how the orange background complements Mami so well!

Haha, this Street Fighter group was pretty awesome!

I waited forever for this Catherine to finish her shoot before asking for her picture!

I’m not sure how the carpool lane worked. Piggyback rides?

This time last year, the screen had already gone dark and it was quite depressing, lol.

In the evening, I wandered around a bit and took some photos of the city.

The Sainte Claire is such a pretty hotel!

You can tell most of these were taken on Day 5 since the streets are so empty, lol.

Loot post! All this stuff was from Swap Meet.

Finally found my Homuhomu, and was able to talk down the price! Got an official Angel Beats! shirt for cheap but neglected to bring it to AX to get it signed. DX Had been eying the Carmen 99 from Gun x Sword for years and finally got her for a rather good price! Got an assortment of trading figs from a couple of sellers — my two waifus from Haruhi Suzumiya came with the Rin and the Azumanga Daioh and School Rumble chains/figures were less than a dollar each!

You can find more photos in two albums on my new Facebook Page!

2013 05 26-05 27 Sun-Mon: FanimeCon 2013, Days 3-4
2013 05 23-05 27 Thu-Mon: San Jose

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