Asuka (Yamashita Ver.) Photoshoot/EVA Cockpit [2013]

EDIT: Sorry, SocialCos seems to be down. Please check back later for the full album!
EDIT 2: Made a new Facebook Page! 😀

On Day 2 of FanimeCon, I happened to stumble upon the EVA cockpit that had been set up in the back of the atrium area of the convention center. Momo was there for pictures in her Shunya Yamashita Ver. of Souryuu Asuka Langley, so I made sure to take a few!

Momo as Asuka with Pen Pen in the EVA cockpit! There’s a smile! See? Asuka’s not tsuntsun all the time!

Was able to get this shot after she’d finished up in the cockpit.

When I came by again later, Momo was helping to sest up and I suggested she pick up the batons for a quick shoot. I was glad when she agreed! Momo was very concerned about holding them correctly b/c she wanted to be accurate!

Wish I’d gotten a better shot of those amazing blue contacts!

While I was hanging out with Hikari Twinkle later on in the day, I saw that they were setting up the cockpit for photos again so I ran down there to find Momo as well as Vampy and a whole bunch of other cosplayers — among them, several who were cosplaying Misato! ♥

Misato × Misato. I’m okay with this. The one on the right is actually the one in the Queen’s Blade group earlier in the park!

Hey, it’s Vampy as Mari!

Mari (and Vampy) so kyoot!

Many of the Eva cosplayers present gathered around for a group photo. Had to back up quite a bit and switch cameras to get everyone!

The cockpit seats two? Is this Pacific Rim??

A Mari crossplayer takes a turn!

So much fun was had at the EVA cockpit. Never enjoyed Evangelion as much as I did that day! 😀 More photos in the album on my new Facebook Page, linked below!

2013 05 25 Sat: Asuka (Yamashita Ver.) Photoshoot/EVA Cockpit

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