FanimeCon 2013, Day 2

Kicked off Day 2 of FanimeCon 2013 with a stop in the gaming room before grabbing noms at Hoagie Steak Out!

A game of Jenga comes to its inevitable conclusion.

My friend tried the Gangnam Style and he said it was like a dance in his mouth, lol.

Ran into some friends who were cosplaying from Psycho-Pass on the way back to con.

This cosplay from One Piece towered above everyone!

Checked out the EVA cockpit and quickly stopped by the insane LoL Gathering before catching the last half of the “Perfect Combo: Omori/Sato” panel featuring GOHs Takahiro Omori and Yumi Sato. They worked on Baccano! and Durarara!!, among other anime series.

Afterwards, I ran into Pink Bunnie and friends on the way to a photoshoot with my friend Paprika Mari (photoshoot coming soon)!

I returned to the convention center after the shoot and found this awesome Mortal Kombat cosplayer. I’m heavily tempted to bluescreen in a background, lol.

Yay, an Ariel!

Fairy Tail?

It’s my friend Cerulean Rogue!

Another Ariel, this time in her mermaid form! 😀

I always see this keyboard-playing character, and I finally found out it’s the Arcade version of Sona Buvelle, Maven of the Strings, from League of Legends! Here she is with other characters from the game.

Didn’t get to really shoot with Hikari Twinkle b/c I got distracted by the EVA cockpit again, but glad I got a couple of shots, at least!

Don’t watch Teen Titans, but this cosplay was pretty cool!

Ran into peppymiint cosplay on my way to dinner!

Haha, I used to love these guys on Sesame Street!

Afterwards, I managed to tag along to another shoot of Sylpharios’ Ahri before joining in on my third shoot of the day with some new friends later that night (shoots coming soon). Busy day!

See more in my new Facebook Page‘s album, linked below!

2013 05 25 Sat: FanimeCon 2013, Day 2

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