FanimeCon 2013, Days 0-1

Went up to San Jose on Day 0 for FanimeCon and, after checking out the Swap Meet and grabbing some noms at Pizza My Heart with my roomies, I ran into some other friends and wound up doing a quick photoshoot of my friend Kazumi Cosplay‘s Sasha Braus cosplay (Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin)!

My friend Kari makes a great Kasugano‎ Midori (Midori Days), but this is the first time I’ve ever seen a Seiji cosplay! He was in the Swap Meet selling stuff so I had to get a picture!

DAT SMIRK. DEM EYES. Kazumi Cosplay is up to no good as we wait in line for our badges on Day 1! The wait was long (though not as long as the reported 7 hour waits that some folks had DX ) so I killed the time by snapping a few shots of her Frau Koujiro from Robotics;Notes while she played video games.

Quite possibly the best Nia and Simoun cosplayers (Gurren Lagann) I have ever seen! ♥ Wish I could've taken more photos of them, but they were running off somewhere.

Saw this Purple Heart from Hyperdimension Neptunia during my shoot with Sylpharios at the park.

Artists Alley was held in an airplane hangar this year, lol.

Didn’t like Ah! My Goddess much, but Urd was always my favorite of the three sisters b/c she was so cool and such a troublemaker.

Moemura. ♥

First time I ever saw Anthony (Madoka Magica) cosplayed!

So cute! No idea who she’s cosplaying, though.

This Yomiko Readman from R.O.D was so cool!

Luxanna “Lux” Crownguard, the Lady of Luminosity, from League of Legends!

I made them do this, fufufufufu.. Go Team Homura!

After I grabbed some dinner with my roomies, it was back to the Swap Meet for more money-loosing before calling it a night! Be sure to check out my recaps of Day 2 and Days 3-4 as well!

See more photos in my album on my new Facebook Page, linked below!

2013 05 23-05 24 Thu-Fri: FanimeCon 2013, Days 0-1

Full Coverage of FanimeCon 2013:

FanimeCon 2013, Days 0-1
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Asuka (Yamashita Ver.) Photoshoot/EVA Cockpit
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Sasha Braus Photoshoot
Ahri Outdoors Photoshoot
Clover Field (Yotsuba) Photoshoot
Ahri Indoors Photoshoot
Nightwing and Black Bat Photoshoot
Nadie Photoshoot


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