Tokari Maid Photoshoots [May 2013]

In mid-May, I was privileged to do not one but two photoshoots with the lovely maids of Ninja-Con’s Tokari Maid Lounge! We got to shoot in the gardens at the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center (JACCC) in Little Tokyo!

It’s Head Maid Chise-chan. She has a tremendous sweet tooth!

Here’s Kiki-chan. This was featured on her Ninja-Con 2013 trading card!

Hikari-chan used a collapsible fan that complemented her outfit very nicely!

Say hello to Aylin-chan!

Yui-chan, as well as Chise-chan, was at Tomo Neko this year!

Here is a group shot of the six maids of Ninja-Con 2013’s Tokari Maid Lounge! Be sure to visit their official Facebook Page!

A few more photos on Facebook, as usual!

2013 05 11 Sat/05 19 Sun: Tokari Maid Photoshoot/Makeup


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