Wild Tiger & Blue Rose Photoshoot [May 2013]

Anime Jungle held a “Tiger & Bunny NEXT DVD/BR Release Party!”, but since a friend of mine had a get-together that day, I completely missed it. šŸ˜¦

However, I was able to catch up with a few friends after the event and we wound up doing a quick little photoshoot with AzureStarr as Blue Rose and Yufi as Wild Tiger! Since I hadn’t expected to attend the event, I only had my MFT with me, but I think it did a pretty decent job!

Blue Rose is never without her Pepsi Next!

Ewww, I think Wild Tiger can keep that one!

Wild Tiger is always ready for the next mission…

… but it’s time for a break first!

We all know Blue Rose can sing, but who knew Wild Tiger could play?

Don’t worry, Kotetsu, Karina’s not going anywhere without you!

Tsundere Mode vs. Good Luck Mode!

Blue Rose is always picture perfect! (So is AzureStarr!)

More photos in the album on Facebook, linked below!

2013 05 18 Sat: Wild Tiger & Blue Rose Photoshoot


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