Tokyo Status Maiden Voyage! [May 2013]

Ray of Lolita Dark Presents TOKYO STATUS with Cultural Alliance of Long Beach!!

Tokyo Status launched its maiden voyage in May with karaoke battles, a dolldelight fashion show, three bands, and more! Unfortunately, it was rather dark and I don’t do flash, so excuse the blurry, grainy, and weirdly-lit photos (especially those taken during the fashion show OTL).

Head Stewardess Erika interviews a White Team contestant after his round in the Red vs. White Team Karaoke Battle.

Apocalipstick was the first band to take the stage. Their blend of punk rock and girl power was awesome!

Abby Lipstick (vocals) and Jenna Blush (guitar) of Apocalipstick after their performance.

Lolita Dark was the next to play. I really enjoyed their jrock-inspired sound!

Stewardesses enjoy Lolita Dark’s performance.

dolldelight held a fashion show as part of the event!

The last band up was Psycho Bando. They had a couple of different guest singers, one of whom killed it during the karaoke battle!

Captain Anton and Head Stewardess Erika perform “A Whole New World” from Walt Disney’s Aladdin. See it on my YouTube channel!

The event’s planner, Rayko of Lolita Dark, dances during the final moments of the event.

Much thanks to the flight crew for a wonderful journey! Be sure to check out the video on my YouTube channel and see more photos in the two albums on Facebook!

2013 05 11 Sat: Tokyo Status Maiden Voyage Ver.
2013 05 11 Sat: The Bands of Tokyo Status Maiden Voyage Ver.

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