Robo Toy Fest × Brick Boutique [May 2013]

Had so much fun with friends at the last Robo Toy Fest/Brick Boutique that I had to go again!

Banners for the event — so excite!

Tsuyoshi Nonaka, mechanical designer of Super Sentai and Power Ranger toys, made a return appearance to the Pasadena cons!

No idea what this was or where it’s from, but it was huge and awesome and impressive! The chest lit up and everything!

Kids playing with the free LEGOs.

Neat little display of Mega Bloks creations.

HAHAHAHAHA LEGO Zentradi (Macross) ostriches, awesome.

LEGO Tachikoma from Ghost in the Shell! :O

So many LEGO sets! WANT. Even the Star Wars ones — I don’t care, LEGOs are LEGOs!

I’m so glad I never got into Power Rangers, or else my wallet would’ve been in so much trouble!

Table from Lgauge Museum, a museum for LEGOs! :O Must needs check them out now!

Whoa, this thing is super old! Wonder how much it’s worth?

Always wanted a LEGO space shuttle. /cry

So much awesome seems to always be on display at this two-for-one con! The event is still free, and this time they expanded into two rooms. Hopefully they will continue to grow; it seems like this event will be held every six months or so, so I’m already looking forward to the next one! See more in my album on Facebook, linked below!

2013 05 05 Sun: Robo Toy Fest × Brick Boutique


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