Centenary Arigato Bazaar [2013]

Had never heard about the Centenary Arigato Bazaar before, but apparently it’s been going on for at least the last couple of years!

The bazaar is held by Centenary United Methodist Church in Little Tokyo. They had lots of things going on throughout the day, including tons of noms, prize drawings, a silent auction, and goods for sale. There was also entertainment in the form of taiko drummers, karate demonstrations, and live music.

The church is quite large inside and they had lots of tables where you could buy goodies and enter the silent auction. These flowers looked good enough to eat! 😉

Lots of food vendors outside, but I didn’t get to sample any of it. Maybe next time!

For the first time, Centenary added an anime/cosplay costume contest that included cash prizes! Since it was a new contest, there were only a few entrants, unfortunately. The good news is, everyone wound up winning a cash prize!

That contest was followed by a “Dance Off” dance contest (also with cash prizes)!

Then, everyone got into the act for the odori/ondo dance. It was a sight to see!

Even Edward Elric from Full Metal Alchemist got into the action!

Anyone could participate, but since I don’t know how to dance, I decided to just watch instead. ^^;

Energetic dancers take flight!

Many different dance troupes from all over took part in the dancing, making it a large and joyful community experience.

Rayko, lead singer of Lolita Dark, joins in on the dancing.

Group photo of attendees as well as those who made the event possible!

So glad I was invited to this event and was able to catch up with friends and meet new ones. Can’t wait to experience it again! See more in my album on Facebook, linked below!

2013 05 04 Sat: Centenary Arigato Bazaar

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