Vicious Dogs/CBR Speakeasy [May 2013]

Checked out Vicious Dogs, an awesome hot dog spot which currently features video game-inspired artwork from 8-bit/Us Artworks, before heading over to a private party thrown by my friends at Comic Book Resources, the internet’s premiere comic book-related website, to celebrate their new digs, the “CBR Speakeasy”.

So many tempting variations of hotdogs, and 8-bit artwork everywhere!

I’m not a gamer, but I know Donkey Kong and Mario!

Warhol Yoshi, haha!

I got the L.A. Street dog, which was wrapped in bacon. It was delish!

Headed over to Comic Book Resources, where these lovely letters let you know where you are! I heard these were bought off of Etsy!

An homage to the past — The Yellow Kid!

CBR’s Eisner Awards, along with a bunch of shot glasses. I forgot to take one of those glasses home with me! :<

Uh-oh, don’t want to get bitten by any radioactive spiders!

They have a table tennis table right in the middle of their offices!

Thought Robert Downey, Jr. on the Iron Man 3 poster peeking through the CBR logo would make for a cool shot. Sorry for the blurries!

Even though it’s technically not finished, the place was well on its way to swanky with a nice mix of the cool and the nerd. It was obviously a wonderfully geeky evening! See more in the album on my Facebook, linked below!

2013 05 03 Fri: Vicious Dogs/Comic Book Resources Speakeasy


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