Lolita Photoshoot/Adventures [2013]

After the PMX Asian Street Fashion Runway Show on the first day of the Monterey Park Cherry Blossom Festival, I got to hang out with my friends Kazumi Cosplay and Franie at nearby Atlantic Square!

They’d already changed out of their dolldelight outfits, but they looked so great in their lolita dresses and it was an interesting location, so we took some pictures after grabbing some noms!

Kazumi is always picture perfect!

I love the green contacts that Franie is wearing! Too bad you can’t really see them that well, since the sun was setting and I wasn’t using any lights.

This reminds me so much of that Friends poster!

There was a huge LCD screen nearby, so I told them to look at it for some of the shots. It makes them look pensive, I think.

After finishing our desserts, Kazumi thought to use the lamp post nearby for more pictures!

While I was bummed I didn’t get to shoot after the dolldelight show, I was glad to be able to spend some private time with Kazumi and to get to know Franie!

This was actually the first time I met Franie, but we were comfortable with each other after having broken bread together, lol.

I’d never been to Atlantic Square before; it’s a mix of businesses and condos that has some lovely flourishes. Here you can see the condos along with one of the businesses “downstairs”.

I was taking this picture and a gentleman asked me why I was taking it. Iunno, I thought it would make for an interesting shot. ^^;

This is one of those rare times I got it right in camera! XD Aside from adding the watermark and resizing the photo, I didn’t do any post at all!

I thought this work on the railing was pretty cool!

What better way to end the day than with a couple of lovely girls in lovely outfits at a lovely location? See more in the album on my Facebook, linked below!

2013 04 20 Sat: Lolita Photoshoot/Atlantic Square Adventures

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Lolita Photoshoot/Adventures

2 Responses to Lolita Photoshoot/Adventures [2013]

  1. Denny Sinnoh says:

    Super series of photos !

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