PMX Cosplay Runway Show [2013]

Before we kick things off with this week’s post, I just wanted to thank everyone who voted in the AX Cosplay Photography Contest! While we didn’t expect to win, we did manage to finish in the top 15, which means our picture will be on display at Anime Expo 2013! Thanks, you guys! ♥

PMX usually runs a cosplay contest during the Cherry Blossom Festival, but this year they did something different by making it a runway show instead! Everyone who strutted their stuff on stage was a winner and got to go home with a goodie bag.

Mikarin of Takeriya Samurai introduced the show!

After the Asian Street Fashion Runway Show the day before, I figured I should try a different spot from which to take pictures. I went to the side of the stage, and boy, was that a poor choice. Sunlight from the open door threw my camera’s metering all off. :/

The Jedi Knights are Japanese in origin; couldn’t you tell?

Met this Alice cosplayer afterwards. She was really young! :O Better photo in the Cherry Blossom post here.

I’ve watched exactly one episode of Pokemon, but I did play the board game once!

HMO version of Miku! Though her wig reminds me of Luka. xD; Better shot of her in the Cherry Blossom post also!

Wish I could’ve caught up with this Luka afterwards, I think she did a great job with her costume and I’ve always been more of a Luka fan anyway!

I… don’t know how I got the colors like this, lol. But I like them!

LOL Alice trying to protect Pikachu from Ash!

Here is most of the lineup!

It was a learning experience, that’s for sure. I’ll make sure I won’t be shooting into sunlight next time! ^^;

See more in the album on my Facebook, linked below!

2013 04 21 Sun: PMX Cosplay Runway Show

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