Sharrkan and Morgiana Photoshoot [2013]

My second photoshoot from Anime Conji featured two very sweet and lovely cosplayers: Hikari Twinkle as Morgiana and Nomster as Sharrkan! They are both characters from the series Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic.

The shoot was once again made possible by the generous invitation of The OtaKing and De Fraichiro Sauce! This time, though, it was nighttime and super dark, so many things came out underexposed and weirdly colored.

Hikari Twinkle as Morgiana and Nomster as Sharrkan! Since I wasn’t familiar with the characters, I mainly relied on Hikari and Nomster for expressions and poses. ^^

We went outside to try some poses, but it was so dark and badly lit that not very many shots were usable, unfortunately.

Over by the fountain area, I was able to try out using a flash and remote triggering for the first time (courtesy of De)! Not really a fan of the harsh “stage lighting” it produced, but maybe I’ll get better with practice?

We went into one of the hallways and tried our luck there. Again, the lighting wasn’t the best.

The joke was that Morgiana is some sort of laundry girl. Or were they being serious? She is a slave, after all. :3a

Sharrkan creeping on Morgiana, lol. Hikari came up with this idea since she considers Sharrkan a creeper; it was fun (and challenging) trying to capture it!

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See more from the shoot in the album on Facebook!

2013 04 13 Sat: Sharrkan and Morgiana Photoshoot

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Sharrkan and Morgiana Photoshoot


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