Stocking Photoshoot [2013]

At Anime Conji, I managed to catch up with The OtaKing and De Fraichiro Sauce towards the end of their photoshoot with the lovely Kazumi Cosplay in her Stocking (Police Uniform version) cosplay from Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt! They were kind enough to let me join in on the fun and take a few shots of my own.

Even though we were inside, we were near the windows, so luckily it was a bit overcast outside! Otherwise, these might’ve been too underexposed to salvage. D:

Keeki! They’d been there for a while already, so it was already half gone! xD

Is Stocking thinking about seconds? Kazumi sure wasn’t, since she wound up having to box the rest of it up. ^^

What could possibly be so interesting as to distract Stocking from sweets? :3a

This pushed my non-existent Photoshop skills to the limit, since Kazumi was underexposed, the window was overexposed, and the heart she drew was barely even visible! (I swear there’s a heart there. If you can’t see it, you’re holding your phone weird. :p )

Add to the fact that we were really just fooling around at this point and it’s incredible that this shot was even in focus, let alone usable. I like it a lot, though!

No more time for cake — duty calls!

We were actually getting ready to leave at this point but I was bit slower getting out of my chair and this just struck me as such a heroic pose, haha.

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And, as always, more photos in the album on my Facebook!

2013 04 13 Sat: Stocking Photoshoot

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