Anime Conji 2013, Day 2

Had always heard about Anime Conji, so when the opportunity for me to check it out arose, I took it! Drove down to a couple of friends’ place and stayed the night before heading down to San Diego in the early (early for me, anyway) morning!

Winged Cosplayer

This cosplay (and cosplayer Luna Lovely Cosplay) was quite eye-catching! Lots of white, which offered a nice contrast against all the beige and green. The locale was rather lovely, the event taking place at a resort, and the overcast weather helped in keeping the weather cool.

Beauty and the Beast's Belle

I saw some Ariels, but I didn’t get a chance to take pictures of any of them for one reason or another. I’m glad I was able to get one of this very well-done Belle!

Cosplay Is Not Consent

This year’s Anime Conji’s theme was “Celebrating Cosplay”, and with “Cosplay Is Not Consent” being the topic du jour, there were signs everywhere reminding people of the fact.

GSC Booth

I was able to participate in a couple of photoshoots (photos soon!) and I also peeked in on the dealers hall and swap meet. Good Smile Company shared a booth with Guest of Honor Rhode Montijo, who is the director/creator of the upcoming animated special The Halloween Kid, based on the children’s book published by Simon & Schuster. When Halloween is in trouble, a mysterious masked boy goes beyond his limits to try and save Halloween. It’s an animated holiday special produced by David Choe and Good Smile Company and animated by Japan’s animation powerhouse, Sanzigen, of Ultra Super Pictures!

EDIT: Photoshoot with Kazumi Cosplay as well as photoshoot with Hikari Twinkle and Nomster are on-line!

Totoro Amigurumi

Artists Alley was set up along the walls of the Dealers Hall. This amigurumi (crocheted stuff toy) of Totoro at one of the tables was huge!

Vampy Bit Me

The lovely and personable Guest of Honor Vampy in her Metroid cosplay!

Super Saki

Ran into many of my friends from AX (both are run by SPJA) and PMX down there. Here is Super Saki as the adorable PMX mascot!

C3 Panel

Took in one of the several Chocolate Covered Cosplay panels held that weekend. “How to make Geek Culture pay your rent with(out) really trying” was quite interesting and informative!

GOH Yamamoto Asako

We saw her shooting and we all asked for pictures. I found out later that this is Guest of Honor Yamamoto Asako, the Chief Editor for COSMODE’s “COSnap”. :O So embarrassed that I even showed her this amateurish photo after I took it. OTL

Saint Seiya Cosplays

Ran into Crunchyroll’s lovely SailorBee and talented Tomochiyuu! SailorBee was afraid it’d be too dark, but I think it came out great!

White Rock Shooter

Ran into Nitemare1004 at the swap meet, where he was in his White Rock Shooter cosplay!

Anime Conji Loot

Loots! Got the Kirino Memories ver. to match the Kuroneko Memories ver. I’d gotten a while back, and the swimsuit was too good a deal to pass up! I missed the pre-order for Hakase so I was glad to be able to get her at a decent price! All three figures are from my friends at ABCToy4Me! Nice to see that Anime Conji actually has program guides, since cons are starting to rely more heavily on apps and whatnot for their schedules. Got a couple of freebies from my friends at PMX when I signed up for the raffle and Vampy gave me a sticker!

Overall, I had a great time hanging out with my friends! Also managed to get some videos, including behind-the-scenes of D-Piddy’s “Deadpool vs. Gentleman” and some karaoke shenanigans. Check them out on my YouTube Channel, and see more pictures in my album on Facebook!

2013 04 13 Sat: Anime Conji, Day 2

Full Coverage of Anime Conji 2013:

Anime Conji 2013, Day 2
Stocking Photoshoot
Sharrkan and Morgiana Photoshoot

4 Responses to Anime Conji 2013, Day 2

  1. museconfuse says:

    Looks like a fun event!! I love anime and wish I had a chance to cosplay too. Haha

    • agcpictures says:

      Hopefully you can go to a con and cosplay too! But you don’t always have to go to cons to cosplay; many of my friends like to dress up and go to Little Tokyo, parks, botanical gardens, etc. to do photoshoots and the like!

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