Sakura Watching Picnic/Photoshoots [2013]

Can’t believe we’ve hit the century mark! :O Thanks to everyone for staying with me through 100 posts! ❤

When spring began, The OtaKing invited me to a gathering at Lake Balboa Park to watch sakura (cherry blossoms), have a picnic, take photos, and just hang out!


Flower watching (“hanami”) is very popular in Japan, and Japan has given the United States several thousand cherry blossom trees to celebrate our friendship. When they begin to bloom, we celebrate the National Cherry Blossom Festival in our nation’s capital, Washington, DC. With the large Asian population in Southern California, we celebrate here, too!

Sakura Blossoms

Since I was pretty late (technically missed most of the event, lol), I wandered a little bit by myself and took in the scenery. I found it to be a gorgeous park, despite it being overcast.

Sakura and Moon

Was trying to get a shot of the moon with the blossoms, but… can you even see the moon? OTL Well, if you aim for the moon and miss, you’re still among the stars!

Wild Life

Many ducks and waterfowl ran along and through the lake. The lake was pretty nice, but that also meant lots of no-see-ums and such flying about.

Maid Larissa

Finally caught up with my friends! Many had left already, but there were still a few around doing Golden Hour shoots, including my friend, DOKI♥DOKI♥MAID♥CAFE‘s Maid Larissa!


My friends love Korean barbecue! As long as I get to sit with the ones who know how to cook, so do I! xD

After capping the night off with (of course) some boba, it was time to go home. It was the first time I’d ever gone sakura watching (hanami), and it was kind of peaceful, lol. I’ll have to try to get there earlier next time to get the full experience. ^^;

More pictures in the album on Facebook, linked below!

2013 03 23 Sat: Sakura Watching Picnic/Photoshoots


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