AX Live × Desu-Nation’s St Paddy’s Cosplay Event [2013]

In mid-March, I was able to check out AX Live × Desu-Nation’s St Paddy’s Cosplay Event. It was great hanging out with the AX Live cast and Desu-Nation crew as well as other friends who came out to support the event! I was even able to do a quick little shoot with my friend, AX Live co-host Kari (post here)!

So many people in attendance for the AX Live St. Paddy’s Event!

AX Live co-host Ashi-chan!

Here are some of the great raffle prizes that were being given away, including two GSC WonFes exclusives (Akemi Homura “You Are Not Alone ver.” and Hatsune Miku “Ichigo Shiromuku ver.” Nendoroid), a sewing machine, four-day badges to AX13, full-year memberships to Crunchyroll, and more. Awesome sponsors included AX Live, Desu-Nation, Crunchyroll, and Good Smile Company!

Exclusive Vocaloid keychains direct from Good Smile Company were on sale.

Obligatory shot taken while Dancing Queen was talking about one of the best figures available from my favorite series, Gunbuster, during the Good Smile Figure Panel!

AX Live co-hosts Kari and Donell are interviewed by Lauren Elise of GameSpot’s The Pulse outside of Desu-Nation.

AX Live co-host Maridah presents the Cosplay Posing Panel with cosplayer Rufflebutt Cosplay and photographer Cosplay Shots.

AX Live co-host Ashi-chan interviews the lovely Sushi Monster!

JetSpectacular and friend present the panel on Cosplay and Social Media, which Jet held at ALA as well!

AX Live co-host Kari with cosplayer Paprika Mari as Clover (Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward) and Cherry-Jelly’s Risa Light as Sheryl Nome (Macross Frontier)!

Getting ready for a group photo of the AX Live co-hosts!

Hail, hail, the gang’s all here: Donell, Maridah, Ashi-chan, Kari, Nic, and Frances!

It was a day filled with panels, cosplay, and giveaways! If you didn’t get a chance to check it out in person, I hope you enjoyed this quick recap. Hopefully there will be more events like this one soon!

Many more photos in my Facebook album, linked below! (Title intentionally misspelled to match the official event name.) Come back next week for my photoshoot with Kari! (EDIT: Here it is!)

2013 03 16 Sat: AX Live x Desu-Nation’s St Patty’s Cosplay Event

Full Coverage of AX Live × Desu-Nation’s St Paddy’s Cosplay Event:

AX Live × Desu-Nation’s St Paddy’s Cosplay Event
Kasugano Midori Photoshoot


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