Gundam/Model Kit Gathering! [Mar 2013]

My friend ddh4mster held a model kit gathering at his place in early March!

Turned the day into an adventure of sorts by also checking out The Mattel Store that I always see on the way over there. I found it strange that they didn’t fill in the Hot Wheels logo, lol.

Building Gundams requires the proper fuel!

I unfortunately got to taste neither of these. TAT

While most folks built Gundam kits, I put together a couple of Zoids kits I’ve had sitting for ages. I think they were the ones I brought back with me after my trip home for Christmas!

Gundam kits have a lot of parts; I don’t think I’d have the patience!

“Form legs and feet!” xD

Please tell me you get the reference. -_-;

This little fella looks so happy!

Lots more construction left to be done! Since I had finished my kits, I went off to play the original version of Words With Friends — Scrabble. 😉

Had wanted to get a shot of everyone’s kits, but some people had already left by then. :/

The coolest thing about Zoids is that they wind up and/or move on their own, but the green one doesn’t. The two newly built Zoids join a third one I already had at home.

So good to be able to relax and be with friends old and new! See more in my album on Facebook!

2013 03 09 Sat: Model Kit Gathering


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