BEAM ME UP : Star Trek Art Show [Feb 2013]

While a lot of people caught con plague at Anime LA, I just wound up with a case of the flu that prevented me from enjoying a few events such as the Riverside Lunar Festival. :< However, by Valentine's Day in mid-February I was well enough to venture back out again!

Of course, I celebrated by heading out to Little Tokyo to meet up with some friends! I’m not sure if the sign in this store in Weller Court has always been here, but I just thought it was funny. XD

We headed over to Ebisu to grab some noms and we took over the “boat” table in the middle of the restaurant! The table has many interesting touches, such as this lantern made of ropes. I love the colors!

I was with The OtaKing, who usually makes little avatars of friends who can’t join us for whatever reason. Here, our friend joins the OtaKing’s Nendoroid and another friend’s flask, both of which match well with the boat theme!

Dinner! I’m pretty boring, so it’s usually either ramen or katsu for me, lol. There was a lot of food, and I didn’t even finish it all!

After dinner, we hoofed it over to a local art gallery/shop called Q Pop. It was the opening night of their BEAM ME UP: STAR TREK ART SHOW. As you may recall, I’m a huge Star Trek fan!

They had a grilled cheese truck, videos playing on large screens, and many of the artists in attendance, but it was so incredibly packed that we didn’t get to go inside. :/

But it’s okay, I got to meet René Auberjonois! I’m not sure if he was a guest or just happened to be in the area, since he had been at The Grand Slam Show (Creation Entertainment’s Star Trek convention) earlier in the day. When I told him I was a huge The Little Mermaid fan, he sang me the first lines of “Les Poissons”! ^_____^

It was great to get out of the house again and hang out with my friends! Looking forward to the next adventure!

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2013 02 16 Sat: BEAM ME UP : Star Trek Art Show


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