Zatanna Photoshoot [2013]

By the time I had finished shooting with Enix Remix, Sylpharios had joined us in her Zatanna cosplay. The OtaKing suggested that we do a shoot together, and who was I to turn down an invitation like that? 😉

It was my first time meeting Sylpharios and though I was a bit intimidated, she was so cool and out-going that it wound up being a really fun shoot.

The inside of the hat was totally dark so I had to work some magic of my own in Photoshop just to make it not look like a shapeless blob. I should probably invest in a flash at some point, but that’s just more stuff to carry.

And buy.

And learn about. DX

Sylpharios had a bunch of great poses already thought up, so it was really just a matter of me getting her in frame and in focus — two of my worst enemies. 😛 (And of course today was really the first time I’d ever used the 50mm for photoshoots indoors-ish.)

I love this pose and shot! 😀

But it was actually taken after our shoot was done and I don’t think she was even posing! She was dramatically suggesting a location to Sojian for their shoot — I just cropped him out. XD

This is another shot that I like a lot and I was lucky to get it! She had just pointed out the spot to Sojian for their shoot (previous photo) and caught me shooting, so she did a quick pose for me.

Sorry about the weird shape; I cropped Sojian out of this shot also and it looked really weird in its original aspect ratio. ^^;

I also managed to get a couple of sneaky shots when she shot with some of the other photogs present. XD

So many lucky shots in the full album that I think Zatanna used a little bit of her magic to help me out. ^^;

Check out the full album on my Facebook, linked below!

2013 01 05 Sat: Zatanna Photoshoot

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