2012: The Year in Cons

Sorry for the delay in this week’s post. ^^;

I was originally going to post the first of the three photoshoots I did at ALA 9, but my friends decided that they would rather keep it a private affair, which is perfectly understandable since they really cosplay just for fun. So in keeping with last week’s theme, I’ll recap the great cons I was able to check out last year!

The very first weekend of 2012 was the first con of the year, Anime LA 8! This smallish hotel con has a great pool area where pretty much all the cosplay gatherings take place. Even though it can get pretty cold (by L.A. standards, lol) out there, people are always hanging out and having fun! I spent most of my time there since I kind of went without a badge. ^^; But there was plenty to see and do, and I got to take part in three photoshoots with some great friends!

Next up was WonderCon 2012 in March down at the Anaheim Convention Center! WonderCon is normally a NorCal con, but their home convention center was under construction so they held it down by Disneyland. It was good to see Northern California regulars Jessica Nigri and Vampy Bit Me again, and I even managed to celebrate a friend’s birthday while I was down there! Too bad I only spent a couple of hours at the con itself, but I managed to see most of it so all was not lost. 🙂

A couple of months later in San Jose, at the end of May, was FanimeCon! Fanime was my favorite con of 2011 and I had high expectations for 2012. While there were lots of snafus and annoyances, overall it wound up being a fun time, as I chronicled in my four blog posts! What really made it fun, though, were the two
photoshoots I got to do with my friends from Chocolate Covered Cosplay!

Back down in Anaheim in June was AM² Con 2012. AM² is that rare breed — a free con! Too bad I got down there so late that I missed the dealers hall and many of the panels, but there were still musical performances, Artists Alley, and the Summer Festival to check out! Another friend’s birthday was celebrated down there as well, so two birds with one stone seems to be the trend with these Anaheim cons! XD

July 4th weekend of course held the mother of all anime cons, Anime Expo, in Los Angeles! I stayed on-site, hooked up my maid cafe with NHK World, and got to do five photoshoots with awesome friends. It was a great weekend, for sure!

After all that excitement, I needed a bit of a break, so the next con wasn’t until October, when I checked out MacrossWorld Convention 2012. How could I not, as it was the 30th anniversary of my gateway anime, Macross?! Even though it was a very small event, there were many old and rare items on display and for sale, some fun contests, and I was even able to meet the lovely and talented Mari Iijima, who is quite possibly the only seiyuu and voice actor ever to voice the same character in both Japanese and English!

A couple of weeks later, it was back to the first anime con I ever went to, Pacific Media Expo 2012. While I did manage to check out a fair bit of the con, the highlights were hanging out with many different groups of friends and meeting new ones!

Right after the turkey was done for Thanksgiving, Frank and Son held ReactorCon 2012, where I got to experience the musical stylings of actor Johnny Yong Bosch’s band Eyeshine for the first time! Also got to meet one of my favorite comic book artists, Ale Garza, who was able to whip up a sweet commission of my favorite Gen13 girl, Freefall, during the closing moments of the con.

Finally, closing out the year in December, was a double con in Pasadena. Not only were there Legos, but there were giant robots at Robo Toy Fest and Brick Boutique, a two-in-one event that was not only free, but wound up giving my friends and me free Legos! Felt like a kid again, plus a random little boy gave me probably the greatest compliment of my life when he said I looked like his hero, Harry Potter! XD

So, there you have it! Not sure if nine cons (ten if you count Robo Toy Fest and Brick Boutique separately) in a year is my personal best or not, but it sure does seem like I went to a lot of them in 2012! With Japan Expo launching and WonderCon returning to Anaheim in 2013, maybe I’ll go to even more cons this year. Be sure to Follow my blog to see where my adventures will take me! 😉

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