2012: The Year in Photoshoots

Since I’ve caught up to my albums on [EDIT: SocialCos that crappy site that decided to go down a couple of weeks ago and not come back up as of 2013 Sep 06] and I’m still working on my “photoshoots” from ALA, I figured now would be a good time for a recap episode! ^^

Started the year off at ALA 2012, where I got to hang out with many fellow photogs and crash their shoots! Here is Radiio Kittee as Katsuragi Misato (葛城 ミサト), one of my favorites from Neon Genesis Evangelion (新世紀エヴァンゲリオン).

I was also able to participate in a huge photoshoot (there were like 7 other photographers there! :O ) with one of my favorite cosplayers, Aoi Mizuno, as Hirasawa Yui (平沢 唯) from K-ON! (けいおん!).

I closed out the con with my friends Star Cat and Rhyiel Adriel as the Eleventh Doctor and River Song from Dr. Who. I also met their great friend (also a photographer as well as a cosplayer) Inoli Shiba! See the shoots from ALA 2012 here!

Since I’m not very good at what I do, aside from some back-up shoots of the maids and butlers from Tomo Neko Maid Cafe, the next shoots took place almost five months later at FanimeCon! They wouldn’t even have happened had I not run into my friend Ashi-chan. ^^; But luckily I did, and we had a great time shooting her Angel ver. of Panty Anarchy (パンティ・アナーキー) from Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt (パンティ&ストッキングwithガーターベルト)! See the results here!

During a break in the shoot, Ashi-chan called up her friends from Chocolate Covered Cosplay and they all came over. It was great to hang out with everyone, and very challenging since this was the first time I’d worked with a group this large! Let me know how I did here!

A few weeks later during C3’s first anniversary celebration, I got to do an impromptu little shoot with Ashi-chan at Japan Arcade, this time in her Red Dress ver. of Panty! It was really hot and she was just trying to cool herself off, but it turned into a Marilyn Monroe-style scene so I had to take a few pictures! Only one here, but more on Facebook!

After that, it was on to AX12, where I met up with Reina and her friends Cloud and Sebastian! It was actually the first time we’d met, but since Reina is a model for dolldelight, she knew what she was doing and that went a long way towards helping the others (and me!) relax. It was really fun; be sure to see the results here!

I’d met Sushi at AX11 and hadn’t seen her since, so we decided to do a photoshoot as an excuse to hang out! XD She did a great job with her cosplay and came up with some fun poses as well. Be sure to check out the shots here!

My friend The OtaKing put me in touch with Cosplay Chicas and we met up for an epic two hour shoot! I hadn’t seen Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magika (魔法少女まどか★マギカ) yet, but they all had great ideas for poses and group shots. I hadn’t worked with a group this large since C3 at Fanime, but it was really fun getting to know these talented girls. Some of the many shots we took are here!

I love hanging out with Star Cat! She always humors me because she herself is a great photographer and is friends with many other talented shooters, so basically shooting is just an excuse to hang out. I don’t watch Adventure Time, so I wasn’t familiar with Marceline the Vampire Queen, but Star came up with the poses and suggested angles and everything; see the photos that this walking tripod took here!

Even though sanitynevermore is kind of local, I hardly ever see her, so it was fun to do this shoot with her and Leonore13! Last time I shot their cosplays from Mai-Hime (舞-HiME), sanitynevermore was Kuga Natsuki (玖我 なつき) and Leonore13 was Fujino Shizuru (藤乃 静留) so it was a little jarring at first that they’d switched cosplays, but they know their characters so well that I quickly didn’t even notice anymore. The shoot was a bit rushed since they had a dinner reservation (the con had actually ended by this point), but I love the photos that we got. Hope you do, too; you can see them here!

During Nisei Week I was able to meet up with some friends, including Ginger and Danielle from Chocolate Covered Cosplay. My friend was doing photoshoots with the both of them, and of course I had to sneak some shots! I didn’t get very many of Danielle, but there are quite a few of Ginger that made it to my Facebook! Find the link here!

During the “World Is Mine, Music Is Ours” party at Anime Jungle, I ran into quite a few Hatsune Miku (初音 ミク) and other Vocaloid cosplayers! I was able to get some fun shots with two lovely and talented Miku cosplayers, and I hope you’ll check out the photos as well as links to videos here!

Finally, after the premiere of the Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika recap films, I was invited by my friend, AX Live host Kari Lane, to take photos of her Casual ver. Akemi Homura (暁美 ほむら) cosplay! It was a bit challenging, since we shot in a parking lot and the lighting kept changing, but I really like how these shots came out. See them for yourself here!

Well, that does it for the recap of 2012 photoshoots! I have photographer friends who do twice as many shoots in a day as I did all year, but I’m happy to have been able to spend time with my friends and that they trusted me with their photos. I hope that I’ll continue to improve and that I’ll continue to make new friends. I’m always looking for feedback, so if you have any constructive criticism, feel free to comment!


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